Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Why do charge an upfront fee?
A. First & foremost our services is based upon trust. We serve clients who are serious about acquiring selected US products in a prompt & timely manner. The fee is non-returnable if you choose not to order within (45) days. The fee is immediately credited or returned the day you place your initial 1st order!

Q. Do you ship all type products?
A. We specialize in all products & no perishables,chemicals,ammunition or explosives!

Q. What makes Quick-Brain,Inc. better than the competition?
A. We are a reputable US firm where international buyers can purchase US products using their credit-card or other agreed upon payment method. See our client list.

Q. How will we know if there’s a problem with our order?
A. We will immediately notify you if your product is not shippable because of the current law,country tariff duties or compliance restriction.

Q. Is there a minimum or maximum order amount or size requirement?
A. Yes! Our minimum order amount on average is between three & five hundred dollars with a minimum or maximum approved amount on your credit-card limit or alternate payment method. Size will always depend on what is being shipped & what method. Products have to adhere & be in compliance with int’l shipping countries rules,regulations & country restrictions.

Q. Do we ship US companies products that forbid them being shipped to other countries?
A. Absolutely not under any circumstances or we receive permission to ship to another country or entity. Our first rule is to adhere to the policy of any company or manufacturer’s product brands rules,regulations & shipping restrictions.

Q. Can we use our own freight forwarder or shipper?
A. We do not use (3rd) party sources to process or ship our orders. We use our own internal network of shipping vendors.

Q. How do we know when the process begins or ends?
A. Clients are immediately sent e-mail confirmation time stamped & start date You are automatically allowed up to (45) days to close your order. This is entirely depending on what’s being shipped.

Q. What do you think I should do first to get US products!
A. If you already know what products you want & can provide detailed US item#,UPC Code,SKU # information,etc. This option and advanced payment method using your credit card is the best way to get you set-up in our system. It start the process your order for US Products!

Q. How much do you charge for your services?
A. We have a tiered payment method if you’re serious & want to get started. It’s $50.00 for initial clarification & verification. It’s $100.00 if you’re an individual & $250.00 for a company or corporation. Your fee is immediately credited back to your account if you are rejected or when you place your first order. During the clarification & verification process if everything is in order? Then you are approved! If you are eager to get your hands on US products your fee is free! Your fee is returnable on your first order!

Please fill free to contact us immediately at: or call (702) 638-6350 7:00 AM – 3:00 PM PST to start the process now!

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