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Quick-Brain, Inc. receives hundreds of request from international buyers who want to purchase US products. We do not have a specific catalog to offer you. You really have the whole gamut & selection of US products for you to choose. We can provide a seamless way for buyers to import-export US products more efficiently.

Our (3) step process outlines what we do!
Step 1) Is to set you up as an individual or company profile.
Step 2) The next step is crucial to you getting your product/s cleared to import-.export
Step 3) The final step is we prepare & send you the appropriate documents outlined in step (2) of your product selection.

First complete the profile request form for clarification & verification. This is the form that gets you started! Our initial processing time is 1-3 working days from your profile entry date. Your product selection in step (2) will provide how to ship your order by port or customs accordingly. Exact product description or selection is extremely important.

Incomplete, missing or a failure to disclose information will delay the processing time of your request?

If your request is rejected during the verification process. We will immediately contact you first by e-mail, fax, phone and finally by first-class mail. Any of these methods are used to request additional information or clarification. Information provided can increase or decrease your orders final total. Any modifications to your documents will be done at no charge!

For additional information about our import-export services.

Click on our “Frequently Asked Questions” section which will address some of your concerns.

Our Guarantee: When ordering you will receive an order confirmation number. Once shipped we will immediately provide to you by e-mail proof of shipping & delivery tracking information! Our policy is to ship selected products in a prompt & timely manner.

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Since our inception we have a proven track record of delivering products agencies want & use in a prompt & timely manner. Our staff believes it all starts with attending to the details.

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