The Last Shot

When Warren’s girlfriend breaks up with him in a particularly cruel manner, he buys a gun and exacts his bloody revenge at the school dance. This emotionally charged dramatization graphically portrays the growing problem of school violence. A radio show, which features a psychologist and one of the survivors, frames the tragic story, providing insights into the warning signs of impending violence and how such an incident could perhaps be prevented in real life. The mounting pressures on Warren are also examined, along with the behavior of those around him, including his teachers, parents, siblings, and friends. Warning: This program contains scenes of violence. A Meridian Production. (24 minutes)

Watching These Documentaries Could Literally Change Your Life!

Documentaries are a great learning aid. There are so many titles out there you are bound to find one on any subject area. Some of the older topic documentaries are often forgotten or no longer produced. We have documentary dvd titles that give you a firsthand look at how you think and someone else thinks in our multi-cultured world. You’ll find real life stories of survival or someone who wants to just tell their story?

Don’t forget what I said watching these real life stories and actual footage… Right before your eyes these documentaries will have a profound effect on your life. Even though you’re watching it you can’t believe some world’s are like this. You think you’re ready watch some of these video clips, regardless of the media type, even titles on demand. We have the skills and knowledge to match or locate your educational factual films for you. What subject title is for you?

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More Videos

Prostitution: What's the Harm?

A lively and thought-provoking documentary investigating the current state of prostitution in the U.K. and looking at young people’s attitudes to the world’s oldest profession. It is legal to buy sex in the U.K., but there is a growing political movement to change that law. Reporter Billie JD Porter asks what the impact would be on those involved—the men who pay for sex, the women who sell it, and the traffickers, brothel owners, and pimps—and she travels to other European countries to see how they deal with it. She asks: What do young people really think about paying for sex? Do men and women feel differently about the issue—and could the most harmful aspects of prostitution be dealt with through better enforcement of existing laws? Contains explicit language and imagery.

Moyers & Company: Inequality for All

In the first three years of economic recovery, 95 percent of the gains have gone only to the top 1 percent of Americans, while the proportion of working people who define themselves economically as lower class is at its highest level in four decades. But more and more people are fighting back. “We want an economy that works for everyone, not just for a small elite,” says economic analyst Robert Reich—a man called one of the best cabinet secretaries of the 20th century by Time magazine. Reich joins Bill in this edition of Moyers & Company to discuss a dynamic, witty, and entertaining new film: Inequality for All, which aims to be a game-changer in our national discussion of income inequality. Broadcast date: September 20, 2013. (57 minutes)

Immigration: Who Has Access to the American Dream?

To most Americans, the debate over immigration policy remains an abstraction in the headlines. But for new immigrants, such policy dictates the terms of their survival in a new society. This program examines the hard-core questions surrounding current U.S. immigration. How many should we allow in? Who, if anyone, should receive preferential treatment? How should illegal immigration be handled? All of the issues are examined through the eyes of those seeking entry, and the organizations assisting them. Those interviewed include an immigration judge, an immigrant from Kenya, and the owner of a New York City deli from Korea. (29 minutes)

Drink Spiking: Awareness and Avoidance

Drink spiking has become a social and health problem of alarming proportions. This program explains what drink spiking is and helps students recognize situations that may increase vulnerability to drink spiking and date rape. Highlighting the growing prevalence of the crime, the video uses case studies to illustrate when and where the offense is likely to occur and profiles the type of people who do it. Also examined are the substances commonly used in drink spiking—including their street names and their potential physical, emotional, and social effects—and the consequences for those who commit drink spiking. Expert guests include Geoff Munro, director of the Australian Drug Foundation. Viewable/printable educational resources are available online. (29 minutes)

Deadly Prescriptions: Crime Inc.—The Underground Economy

Retail prescription drug sales topped $300 billion in 2010 alone, and criminals are doing everything they can to get a piece of the market. This CNBC program takes a hard look at illegal enterprises that are spreading pain and suffering—not to mention addiction—across America. Viewers learn how drug dealers, bribed medical professionals, and online rogue pharmacies are helping put powerful prescription medicines like Oxycodone and Vicodin into the wrong hands—with tragic consequences. Nearly seven million Americans aged 12 and up are abusing prescription drugs each month, according to DEA figures from 2009, while the National Institute on Drug Abuse reports that misused prescriptions are now the leading cause of fatal overdoses nationwide.

Street Crime​

In part one of this program, Hedrick Smith explores how the Uptown area of Chicago has dramatically lowered the rate of violent crime despite the ethnic diversity that normally spells turf wars, trouble, conflict, and violence. The critical ingredient is what Harvard social scientist Felton Earls calls social cohesion: a close-knit neighborhood and a strong community spirit developed through one of the highest concentrations of active, mutually supportive civic groups in America. In part two, Mr. Smith profiles the Blue Hills area of Kansas City, Missouri, where ordinary residents organized themselves to drive out drug dealers from their neighborhood and rehabilitate abandoned properties. Working with local churches and law enforcement agencies, these grass-roots heroes showed exemplary courage, ingenuity, and commitment in taking back their own streets from troublemakers. Both success stories are examples for other cities. (57 minutes)

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